Summit Xperience

Summit Xperience

The Fan Journey Best Practices Summit for the Sports & Entertainment industry is centered around six rotating breakout sessions comprised of summit participants and facilitated by industry leaders and professionals addressing the six key challenges facing our industry related to the fan journey and experience. 

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Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions feature teams of industry thought leaders and experts representing relevant industry equities affecting the fan journey. Each team is structured to provide proportional representation to ensure all equities are afforded the opportunity to explore each topical area (see above).

The breakout sessions allow each team to:

  1. Identify significant issues and challenges (three to six topics) requiring solutions/best practices.
  2. Discuss each issue and challenge in each session to help identify all relevant aspects, lessons learned, and gaps.
  3. Identify one or more solutions forming best practices for each issue or challenge.
  4. Aggregate input from all six sessions
      1. Session Leaders provide an oral report of the best practices
      2. Aggregated information from the sessions is formulated into a final report

Each topic group will consist of 10-15 attendees. The makeup of each group will consist of the representatives from the following roles:

Session Facilitators

Each breakout session features an experienced facilitator with expert knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry. The facilitator’s role is to:

  1. Facilitate each 90-minute breakout session (9). 
  2. Guide the Groups to help them understand their common objectives (issues, challenges, and best practices)
  3. Provide structure and process to  interactions between the participants so groups function effectively and make high-quality decisions and recommendations

By identifying the issues and challenges, facilitators can elicit information from the participants including:

  1. Current best practice(s)
  2. Biggest challenge(s) and issue(s)
  3. The impact, risk and cost of each challenge or issue
      1. How has the issue been handled?
      2. Is there a solution?
        • Conditions associated with the solution
        • How the solution is implemented
        • Is the solution scalable?
      3. The relative cost of the solution vs doing nothing

Each facilitator works with a scribe who captures all relevant information discussed and provides a digital report. The facilitator aggregates the comments from each of the six sessions and presents the high-level results to all participants.

The facilitator works with the IIFX moderator and editor to prepare an initial Best Practices guide for review by all participants. IIFX will provide additional evidence-based research, if available, to supplement the feedback provided during the review.

IIFX will publish the Fan Journey Best Practices at the end of the final review. 

The published document becomes the industry playbook and the basis for the next Fan Journey Best Practices Summit.


The IIFX Best Practices methodology uses a purposive sampling (sometimes referred to as judgmental or selective sampling) method to create the session groups.

The IIFX leadership team is knowledgeable about the sports and entertainment industry, the fan journey, and the purpose of the Fan Journey Best Practices.

The IIFX team invites an appropriate sample of eligible thought leaders and experts from relevant organizations.

The session groups are structured with 10 – 15 participants to ensure all relevant industry equities are represented with an equitable balance of knowledge and experience. Each session group may include people who are responsible for:

Each attendee will receive an advanced survey for initial feedback, issues of interest and concern, best practices, etc. They will also receive advance pre-reads to provide context for the in-person collaboration, ideation, and learning sessions.

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